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Easiest Weightloss

Easiest Weight Loss no dieting, no effort, no products. book called NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS has all the best secrets to permanent cost free weight loss and better health.


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Hello,  my name is Lisa,    you can call and speak to me in person about

my book or any other health problems you may have, for FREE if you

are a member of my sites,  they are FREE to join,  and I will do my

best to try to help you using the most cost free,  simplest, easiest, 

 natural  therapies possible.

I genuinely want to help others and make the world a better place.


My direct number is   0406 166 222

or email me 


 lisaquain@yahoo.com.au       or




you can purchase my book as an ebook for just $10

or you can buy the printed published book for $19.95

 +$6.50 p/h and I will also send you the ebook for free

As an added bonus I will also send you a FREE ebook about natural no cost health cures  "FREE HEALTH CURES"


There is no ongoing sales of any kind and no products to

 buy,    but . . . there is on going help, advice,

 encouragement and support through my websites or you

can speak to me in person.

There is no  costs, no memberships fees,   you wont ever be sent 

spam, nor will I ever try to promote or sell any products

Please join my  FREE  websites for  FREE  to get member benefits





 All members will also get   FREE  personal advice and encouragement,  as your  

success is my best advertisment for my book, I know  you will not buy another book

for yourself,   but I hope that your family and  friends will want one too if they see how easy you lost weight, and have total control over your weight.


This is the cheapest and most cost free way of controlling your

weight permanently, without dieting,  or effort. 


By using paypal to purchase my NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS  book,  your

credit card details are safe, private and secure. 

You dont even need a paypal account to purchase this way either.





There is also a full money back guarantee, you

will lose weight and become healthier, just by

following a few of the simple things in my book.


I use the simplest, easiest and most natural

methods possible.


To lose weight this way,  it does not cost

you more,  it actually SAVES you money

while improving your health.


There is no products you have to buy,  just

a few cheap common supermarket items, and

you don't even have to stop eating all junk food !


Just re-balance it by ADDING the foods

that make you lose weight.


Yes . . . you heard right,  and thats what

the weight loss industry does not want you

to know,  thats because they want repeat

business,  I don't want your repeat

business, I want you to achieve a slimmer

healtheir body forever, and to be able to

have the secrets and tools to control it

simply and easily, without any effort at all,

by yourself and without cost.

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another topic altogether, check out


Have you ever thought about what actually happens to the fat ?

It does not evaporate into thin air and it does not drop off as we walk along.

No matter how much we sweat, we only lose a few ounces, not kilo's,

 and what we lose is water anyway.

By going right back to simple basics,  think about how the fat got there, 

 it went in one end, and whatever the body does not use comes out the other,

so to really get rid of the fat, there is only one way to get rid of it,  it has to

come out the other end.

So . . . . to get rid of fat you need to break it down and dissolve it, and dispose of it.

By adding the foods I talk about in my book,  you will learn which foods break

down the fats in the body and the blood, so the digestive system can dispose it.

By doing the detox you will get rid of years of built up heavy fats and toxins
lining your intestine walls, that makes you feel tired, lethargic and prone to illness.

Once you have done this simple easy detox,  you will notice a marked increase

 your levels of energy and vitality.




Me showing my fat !  An honestly bad pic

Hey, here is a really honest pic,  I'm not perfect,  but I am NORMAL,  I am not some skinny mini that has never battled the battle of the bulge,  I have fat too !  This is perfectly NORMAL for a woman nearing 50,  but I KNOW for a fact that if I don't regulary include some of the common foods mentioned,  I stack on the weight very quickly.

If my jeans are too tight at the begining of a week,  I KNOW that I can easily get into them with ease by the following weekend, with ease and without effort.

I don't go doing lots of exercise, and I certainly don't starve or cut out my junk foods,  I have a huge appetite and am a compulsive eater,  I just know what thing to include to counteract it.

This has never ever failed me, and I will put anyone to the test to try it.   Lose up to 3kg in a week.



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